Binjiang Intelligence Port (BIP) is conveniently located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. BIP is with a site area of 20,000 sq.m and a total gross floor area of 49,000 sq.m.
    BIP is conveniently located in Binjiang District which is only 40 minutes drive from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and 10 minutes drive from the Railway Station.
    Binjiang is home to a number of world renowned and successful corporations, including Huawei, Infosys, UT Starcom, NEC, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Alibaba and TATA.

  Project Scale
    Phase II is a seven layer structure of U fontscomposed of 3 buildings with a total GFA of 28,000 sq.m. Development experience combined with Phase II will provide customers with more professional architectural design, better quality office.Completed in August of 2009 Has been put into use.
  Technical Data
  4.2m stansard floor height,6.9m Loft floor height.
  Floor loading:300kg/O
  Power Supply10KV dual power supply
  Air-conditioning System:Hitachi VRV System
  Fier System:Equippet with fire hydrantspinklersmoke detectoralarm
    and broadcasting system
  Security SystemCCTV system coners all major entrances and exits Infrared
    alarm system installed in boundary
   Park is equipped with:
  Canteen                           Cozy Comer
  Convennience Store        Conference Room
  Basketball Court             Shuttle Bus          
  Design Principle
    Capitalizing on modern technology, contemporary architectural design as well as the ancient Chinese philosophy of the harmonious synthesis of human and nature, BIP combines functionality and aesthetic considerations to create a spacious and comfortable environment for different businesses. The interior design maximizes the efficiency of space use and offers flexibility for space planning.
  Property Description
Investment and management
   CarVal Investors
   Insigma Group
   KAILONG Real Estate Investment
Phase II Total floor area:Phase II is composed of 3 buildings with a total GFA of 28,000O
Basic information:
Floor area:6floorLoft floor height/7floor
Flexible design to accommodate space requirement from a single unit of 380sq.m. to en-block of 23000sq.m.
Parking spaces:158 parking spaces
    Bus B-branch 6, K351, K352 can be reachedFrom the Hangzhou center just 15 minutesFrom the Xiaoshan International Airport just 40 minutesfrom the Railway Station.West Hing MTR station away from the future only one intersection.
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